Pin cushions are so important.  They are your most trusted company in every creative journey.  I wonder how I have survived the past few years without one.

My old companion was a patchwork made by my aunt, with lots of shiny pins and needles.  But somehow I lost it perhaps when my parents moved, and I have been searching for it since then.  OK, it was time to give up on finding it.  Time to move on.  I also lost a bag of my favorite colored pencils and can’t find it anywhere either.
But I couldn’t just buy something.  Last one was hand made, and it had set the expectation high.  It has to be something special.

I dug up a yarn that I had spun a while ago.  It is 3 ply, I wanted to create a yarn that all the colors are mixed and no spooling occurs.  It is so pretty, Missoni like, if I may say so myself.

After crocheting 2 circles, I put them together with crochetted edge in fuchsia-colored yarn.

Stuffing the circles with scrap pieces of yarn…

And voila!

With pins!

Pattern is this by Liselotte Weller.