I regard my blog as a record of my journey. These are sort of a personal record, more directed to myself. Truth be told, the most avid reader of my blog is myself. I love reading what I had written in the past. I keep all the notebooks and scrap pieces of paper that I have scribbled on, since at very young an age. Some of them are truly, embarrassingly ridiculous, while most of them feel right for me.

Once a friend told me, while looking at my paintings, that “Oh, you draw what you really like”. According to her, (and I am sure she has more expert knowledge on this because she went to the top art school in Japan,) some people create things that not necessarily match their tastes. Perhaps it’s kind of like a person likes to wear blue, but only paints with muddy brown or pale pastel colors. I can imagine that happens. Not for me, though.

I don’t believe in art being social or political. I am pretty opposed to the idea of making art to send message like “protect environment” or “abolish nuclear bomb.” There was an art piece in west Japan where an artist created a huge garbage bin on an island. That was ugly, ridiculous, and really wasn’t an art piece at all. It is an arrogance to think that people would reduce waste just because they saw a piece of junk at a museum. There are more effective ways to do that, such as writing and documentary films.
I believe in art well crafted, beautiful, and makes people happy. Let them forget their worries for a moment. Have a more practical and direct purpose of recording what an artist saw and what an artist wanted to show. Create frenzy of passion and dream in viewers’ minds.

Coming back to writing, blogs are same for me. I write things that I want to read. Both good and bad. Sometimes I am very negative. Sometimes I am careless. Sometimes I take them back, but I don’t really delete them. Those are all me. I write to understand and accept myself. Both good and bad.