One of my colleagues says, he doesn’t take any vacation because his kids are still babies and they can’t go anywhere to travel.  (Um, all the more reasons to take vacation and help your wife…)
Why so many men stay in the office, not necessarily working hard but keeping the appearance as such, to escape from home?  (My colleagues work hard, I know, but still.)
Office is not your hiding place.  If you don’t want to go home, find a hobby or friends.  It is really annoying for someone who has a life, like myself.  Especially when your boss evaluates you based on how long you worked.
Also, I don’t have a wife to cook for me, so I have to go home early and cook myself. 
I am talking about you guys, and perhaps your husbands…

At work, I am writing our company’s Social Media Policy, and one of the rules of thumb is:
“Never delete what you have posted (Unless it is offensive or inappropriate)”
So I am going to keep this post.
Let me clarify once again that my intention is not to accuse a person, but rather, to raise this work/life balance issue, the diversity@work issue.

Also, I found out from my friend that the above situation is exactly the same in Korea.  What is wrong with us in the Far East, people?