Today, at last, I am still awake after 9PM.  I can post some photos from my classes at Squam Lake Workshops at last.
My absolute favorite is Susy’s class (but all of the classes are my favorite…so many great teachers this year).  She gave each of us an old cigar box and we decorated them free-style.

I was eager to learn her style, so I decided not to cover my box too much, following her example.  I also tried to experiment with different types of papers and ink she provided. SO. MUCH. FUN.
I did bring the paper with “TOKYO” logo on it.  That purple guided my color scheme for this project.

The box is actually not done yet, and I intend to draw something over.  The class took place on the coldest morning you can imagine, and my fingers were frozen.
So I gave up on continuing to work, and started to play with my sketchbook instead.

Oh, about Susy.  She is a British illustrator / artist living in Boston.  Her work is widely published and publicly displayed all over the world.  It’s hard not to like her – her sense of humor and creative energy is infectious.  And, I love her work!
You can also peek into her beautiful home here.

She brought lots of her favorite paints and inks, as well as different types of beautiful paper.  We were enormously fortunate.  You can play with your favorite artist’s art supplies and tools!

So, in the end, each of us came home with a hand-made treasure box.  How fun is that?