This year, I was very lucky to take 4 very different and equally inspiring classes at Squam Art Workshops.  Hand Lettering was another fascinating class, not in the least conventional as what you would normally imagine by hearing the word “lettering”.

We spent an hour hand lettering alphabets in all 26 different ways.  It was the toughest thing!  Everyone ran out of ideas after 10 or so, start running around the studio to check what classmates were doing.  Everyone was so inventive…!

Actually, an hour was way too short!

So many different ways, so many colors.

Below is actually mine.  Ah, I know, it’s a mess. But it was so much fun.

The second exercise was to create a page with our favorite quotes or poems.  First we created swatches for quick study.  I ended up creating 8 swatches like below, and ran out of time to do the actual thing. 

Although the class was only for 3 hours (way too short), it opened our eyes about using many different media and really be inventive about drawing letters.