After returning from the 2 weeks trip to the States, and a few weeks of quick bites during the busy working hours before that, I got tired of eating fast food and even dining out.  I got tired of lunch boxes, either.
It was that moment when I saw this article in a Japanese magazine, which describes how to make about a dozen of different bottled food.  They are simple marinated ginger, onion, tomatoes, some cooked pork, and such. But when you combine them together, you can easily fix a few dishes for your supper rather quickly.

From left to right, marinated onion slices (used 3 different vinegars), marinated ginger, and sesame oil with ginger.

OK, I needed more bottles.  Thus I decided to go bottle shopping on Sunday. 
There is a street in Tokyo where you can find many many wholesellers of kitchen tools.  The street is about a mile long, all restaurant-related shops.

Bottles and some tools that I bought that day.  Right when I bought the baking mold, I discovered that butter is nowhere to be found in supermarkets.  Oh well.

Anyway, I made those bottled food until late on Sunday night.  It was fun.  I think I was just fascinated by the idea of bottling food than by the act of cooking itself.