It’s an amazing world.

Some of my friends sent me photos from places last night / this morning, and it’s like traveling around the world with my imagination while I am physically on my couch.
They are all taken by iPhone and that’s what Steve Jobs enabled us to do.

昨晩、今朝と、友人たちが色々な場所から朝の写真を送ってくれました。わたしはソファに座りながらにして、あちこちを旅している気分。全部iPhoneで撮られたもので、ほんとSteve Jobsのお陰で素敵な世の中になったものだと感謝する朝。

The first came from my friend who is currently staying at a snow-closed manor in Hokkaido.

Then, from a Kokyu Palace Museum from Beijing, China.

From Sivan, a morning shot of NYC. Beautiful.