Did I say I won’t buy any more yarn?
I cannot remember.
The Color Affection kit from Plucky Knitter has finally arrived.  Somehow it took almost 2 months to get it, so I almost forgot I ordered it.  But it was worth the wait… look at the colors!
This kit is for a very popular 3 color shawl, designed by veera.  She is one of the most celebrated designer in the online knitting world from Finland.
Hopefully, I will finish my sweater before it gets too warm, then I can get started with this shawl.
Plucky Knitterさんが販売していたColor Affection用のキット、やっと届きました。ご家族に何かあったのか、発送がすごく遅くなったみたいで忘れた頃にやってきた。でも待った甲斐あって、ほんとに奇麗!編むのが楽しみです。

Her blog: http://100-rain.blogspot.com/