I’m still doing a bit of amirisu work, got distracted, and am writing about tonight’s dinner. My friend and I dined at one of our favorite restaurants in Tokyo, a small Italian place I. Roppongi, where neither of us had been to for several years for some reason.
The food was as amazing as ever. We had white asparagus in cream sauce, escabeche, this pasta with crab meat and fresh tomato, then finally grilled pork with sweet onion sauce.

I’m sure to go back there again in the near future. It’s Roppongi so it’s a bit pricy than where I live, but totally worth it.

Besides food, we had so much fun. It’s humbling but exhilarating when someone tells you that you are inspiring. Strangely, I was told that twice today, which lifted my spirit even higher.
I sense that a game plan is forming inside of me these days. Something like a long term vision for my life, something that will help both myself but also others.