Thank you for your warm, kind, and sweet messages for my birthday!
It is really a wonderful world where we can multiply happiness and festivity through communicating with people outside of your immediate physical surroundings.  I say “yey” to the Internet today.

I finally bought a bike!  It’s a BD gift for myself.  I have been looking for a new bike for about 4 years now, and I finally found what I like.  You would probably think I would go for a more classic style – chic colors, leather saddle, etc… I thought so too.  But somehow, this one came along ( a new model of 2012) and I fell in love.  The color is called “olive yellow”, which is more of a color of fresh olive oil.  I looked at all the (entry level) models available right now, and this one had the BEST shape.

In the future, I may replace the saddle and handles with something more classic.