Reading magazines is one of the things I cannot live without. There is this notion in the society (at least in Japan) that a hierarchy exists in the publication world – that literature and newspapers come first, regular books the second, and magazines and comic books at the bottom. I resent that hierarchy especially in these days when they publish lords of very trashy business / pop culture books, and when newspapers publish lots of sponsored articles which are copied and pasted many times (and people in Japan tend to think that what they read in the newspapers are the facts).
Think about how much time and energy and intelligence spent in some of the high quality magazines… Like below.


These are my favorite Japanese magazines: Esquire Japan, ku:nel (a lifestyle magazine with some crafty touch), kangaeru-hito (meaning a person in deep thoughts, they collects themed essays and interviews), and Kuroshio-no-techo (another women lifestyle magazine, the target audiences’ age is a bit higher but the contents are great nonetheless).
Unfortunately, Esquire Japan went out of business a few years ago. It was definitely better than the US Esquire magazine for sure.

To avoid the same thing to happen to my other favorites, I buy them.
You can read them at the libraries, but you shouldn’t, if you care.