Hi there! A friend of mine told me I always write about my knitting projects which he can’t care less, but here goes another one!
Quite the opposite of some months ago when I was knitting very simple and quick projects, I’m all about textures and complexity these days.
Kitman’s mystery KAL for instance. It’s absolutely the most complex thing I’ve ever made. We are 2 weeks into it, and 2 more to go. I used up about 60% of the yarn already, so I’m guessing the hardest part is over.


Then I also knit this textured cardigan by Connie Chan Chinchio. I fell in love with the yarn a few years ago, which I got as part of the Sundara Sweater Club, and immediately decided to make this. The pattern is from the Interweave Knits from 2008.

I love her latest book. Her design is full of delicate details and interesting techniques to try. The constructions are beautiful. She is one of my most favorite designers.

そして、Kim Hargreavesの新作本。中々いいですが、私にとってのベストは最近編み終わったFrankieも載っていたBreezeかな
I also bought the latest book from Kim Hargreaves. Although the new book is not bad, Breeze is my all time favorite and I’m thinking I won’t need any more KH book in the future.