My weekend has begun with a small assault at 6 AM by my little niece.  Followed by great cup of cappuccino at my sister’s place.

It has been murderously hot in Tokyo, so we decided to play safe and visit a local cafe. This popular cafe, furacoco remodeled an old Japanese house in a residential area in Chiba.

Lea was very curious of her surroundings.

Food is all organic / macrobiotic.  The lunch set was extremely good and artistic.

They’ve got a kitchen wear shop as well.

I couldn’t resist –  I bought this large coffee mug (Hinako Hirano pottery in Gifu) and a wooden spoon for steamed white rice.

Then I found a shop card of a knit cafe not far from furacoco.  We were curious, and decided to check it out.
This small knit cafe, Kupu, was also in the middle of a suburban residential area.  Very strange it was, but a very nice cafe.

Unfortunately Kapu is very far from where I live (takes 2 hours), but the owner is fairly known crafter in Japan, and I’d love to visit there whenever I get a chance.
She told me she is starting a knitting class for men, and 5 guys have already signed up!!

Back home, last night, I discovered that my espresso machine still works, and that it is much easier to use it than I had thought.  So I started to use it again… I think latte I make is so much tastier than I drink at cafes, despite the fact that I use Starbucks Espresso Blend.