These are the books that I have been reading since Friday. I’ve finished PHP and Joomla, decided that I should stick with HTML and CSS.
Things have become so much more complicated since last time I learned how to build a website. The “we’ll do everything for you” softwares add crazy number of tags in their outputs, so that deciphering what are happening is almost impossible.
No wonder there are so many website developers and programmers.
They are making things complicated that normal people cannot decode what they are doing.
So that we have to hire them to maintain our websites – namely, our storefronts/bookkeepers/shopkeepers these days.

When I write HTML, I try to have structures and I aim to make things very simple.  I don’t believe in people who write complicated scripts, who use difficult languages, and who make things unnecessarily complicated.  I don’t think they are that smart.

And, Anthology magazine… *sigh*.  Why are you not available for subscription in Japan??