I don’t think anyone had seen that many goldfish at once, except for those who had grown them.
And I didn’t know there were so many different kinds.

I went to a show called “Art Aquarium” at Muromachi Coredo building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, where they have this exhibition of different kinds of goldfish in huge fish tanks in a dark hall with special lighting and sound effects. Some fish tanks were venetian glasses.
I had been half expecting to feel a bit scary in front of such number of fish in a tank, but it turned out to be totally beautiful. Many people were exclaiming that it didn’t look like fish at all.

Some were traditional kind of goldfish, which you normally see only in vintage prints from Edo era (18-19th Century).

This one below was very special.
What seem like a wall is a series of large screens, with a wall-like fish tanks in front of them.  And in front there are water basin with some dry plant arrangements.

You see, on the screen they show images of four seasons (in the picture below is from winter, snowing), with matching music playing in the background.  And there were always goldfish swimming in the scene.
Really weird beautiful.

It’s worth seeing if you happen to be in Tokyo now.