At work, we’ve got a thing called “mid-term review”, which, it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone, my boss totally ignores even if I reminded him nicely.
But, hey, I am doing my own mid-term review and it’s not for my daytime job.

I realized I haven’t shown you my Italy photos yet… here is one.
A door to a courtyard of our apartment.

I have written this article earlier this year (“I’m up to some things this year”), and basically what I had written were:
(1) Do more exercise.
(2) Launch an online magazine
(3) Relearn driving
(4) Study maths
(5) Live more simply

OK.  So how am I faring up to now?
(1) I did start to hike.  I haven’t gone hiking since March, but I have every intention of starting it again from October.  Actually, I will be hiking during my vacation in October.
Also, I had been going to a training session once a week for about 4 months.  It’s just since July, I have been working non-stop.  I think I am going to do something else after I get back from my vacation.

(2) Launching an online magazine – yay ==<3  I did it, we did it, didn’t we? (wink)

(3) So. This is the reason I remembered about the goal list for this year.  Because I am taking a driving lesson tomorrow!  Ooooow, so excited, and so scared.  I haven’t driven in 6 years.  And my driving skill was very poor to start with.  Please wish me luck and send me all your blessings so that I will still be alive on Saturday to report back to you.

(4) Well.  It just hit upon me that I don’t have to do statistical analysis on my own.  I might as well hire someone to do it – I am not that young any more and “you have to delegate”, right? ;)

(5) Right.  This is the one I am so embarrassed about.  You know how my living room looks like right this moment?  Piles and piles of books, and dozens of skeins of yarn on top of them.  Please tell me what to do (not including throwing them away).  I know, I should try harder with this one.