Yes, it’s my car.  Well, technically, it’s a car that I rented and drove.
For the first time in my life.

As I have written a couple of weeks ago, I did took driving lessons, and did go on a road trip on my own.  I have some tiny agony in myself because driving a car with only one passenger is so environmentally unfriendly.  I was rather proud of myself not driving at all.  But, it was fun.

I feel a bit sentimental, because one of the projects I have been working on at work is almost complete, and is about to be launched in a few days.  It has been a long way.  In the beginning, there was so little interest in the entire concept.  Now, many people support our efforts.  I almost cried at work.

I feel conscious about beginnings/endings today.  On returning from my vacation, I discovered that the summer had completely gone, and it’s already deep in fall.  Fall is the season I start a new year.  I start many things from fall.  It’s the beginning of my personal fiscal year.  I feel reborn.

It’s also because the production for amirisu’s second issue is just starting now.  And I have another secret project, and also another end/beginning thing happening as well.  A piece of news was waiting for me in Tokyo, and I am pretty excited about it.

During my vacation, I stayed beside the Japan’s biggest wetland area, and went canoeing in the river that runs through it.  The whole driving/visiting a new place/canoeing/meeting new people experiences awakened my senses, and gave me new perspectives.

The owner of the B&B and canoe instructor is an immigrant from Tokyo.  We talked about a lot of things, such as life changing decisions, while we canoed in the pristine landscape.  He moved there when he was my age, and got married just 5 years ago.  He is extremely happy and says he has no regrets.  I envy him from the bottom of my heart.

That was, probably, a sign and a new beginning.
I feel like a whole new experience is spreading in front of me.

We’ll see.