I hadn’t posted anything in a while, but there are lots going on around here.  Every bit is a moving piece, and you can see the confusion and disorganized state I am in,  if you can just see how messy my apartment is.  I don’t know how to organize my life right now, hence my books and everything else, because I may be rearranging them again in a few months.

That is why I needed to have a moment of reflection.  I happened to be near Tokyo Station, so I dropped by a favorite tea shop, got myself a table, and did some unravelling. (You can download this amazing workbook made by Susannah, right here.)

It was indeed a surprisingly good weekend.  I finished a cardigan, a book, and watched the entire season of “Once Upon a Time”. Had a really fun birthday party for a friend, walked quite a bit, and received lots of Amazon.com boxes.
There are still lots I want to tell you about, but perhaps, on another day.

Have a great week ahead, dear friends!