Often the time it surprises me how people take very long time to make decisions, when the answer can only be either “yes” or “no”. I list up in my mind pros and cons, including emotional factors, and things I need to understand in order to make the decision. I list up questions that need to be answered. If there is no dependencies, a decision only takes from a second to perhaps a few hours.


I cannot understand whether those people have no intention of making decisions, or cannot figure out what are at stake, or simply too busy to think about his/her options? “Too busy” scenario is then crossed out. It’s either yes or no – it only takes 5 seconds to make decision. Anyone has 5 seconds.


Relationships and career paths are harder, but you know what you want, whether or not you like it, right? It can’t be that difficult.


It only took 5 minutes to decide to buy a typewriter, to find a reasonable auction on Yahoo!, to type in the amount I was willing to pay. Within less than 2 days, here is my typewriter. Of course, I am fully aware that purchasing a $5 typewriter is a very easy decision to make.


This guy, who sold me an old typewriter, must be pretty eccentric… see this package?
10 yen (about 10 cents) stamps x 50.
In fact, I counted how many there are, and I found only 48 – 2 of them are missing.
And these stamps are pretty old – perhaps 40 – 50 years old?


The mailman stared at me to see if i looked crazy. I was mentally screaming “it’s not me! it’s the guy who did this crazy thing!”


It is an old muted green typewriter, fully functional (I had to google to figure out how those 68 levers work).
I have ordered an ink ribbon so that I can play with it, but I already know that using the typewriter cannot beat the surprise of receiving the package.