Until I visited her in San Francisco in March, Cheryl and I were just sort of  “cabin mates” from a few years back. But there is something about us in common, and now I am thinking about words such as “ease” or “luxury seeking” to describe what it is.
When I had posted a note on Facebook that I would be traveling to the States, she immediately offered me to come stay.  The three days I spent with her and her beautiful daughter were truly fantastic.  We are already talking about doing something together again :)
I admire Cheryl’s love for beauty.  Beautiful food, beautiful drink, painting, treatments, fashion… What I love the most about her is her easygoingness about her passion in beauty.  She goes with the flow, forward looking, she does not try to bend others to her needs, always supportive, and then, the result is beautiful.



Cheryl is now into mixed media art, and has been to many art retreats in the last few years – that’s where I’ve met her.

Gather and Thrive is her new project, an art workshop for teenage girls.  Her apartment is now full of art supplies.  The guest room was full of art supplies.  I felt so happy and energized by sleeping in the middle of paints and canvases – it felt like a “sign” to me.  I need to start painting more.

She told me that she feels the happiest when she paints.  She said that with both hands covered in paints, and at that moment I thought, “this is the kind of person I want to become when I grow up.”  Of course, I’m a grownup myself now, but you should understand what I mean.
昨年末からティーンエイジャーのクリエイティビティを啓発するようなワークショップ(Gather and Thrive)を立ち上げ、家中画材やサプライだらけ。

On the day I got in, I got up at 5, took 8AM flight, arrived at her place around 5PM.  I settled, ate a little, changed into a dress.  Cheryl took me out to an exhibition opening at her friend’s gallery.  It was one of the most curious experiences for me – people I met there were soooo different from anyone I had ever met!

But when a glass of wine was added to my already dizzy mind, I felt somewhat numb and was able to purely enjoy the scenery…or the drama that was going on. It was a great fun.



IMG_4342She had asked me where I want to go in the Bay Area, and my answer was “Chez Panise”.  And you know what?  There was a fire at the restaurant about several weeks ago, and they were closed by the time I got to SF. (It means I should go back, right?)

So we got together with our other cabin mate friend, Hillary, at A16.  The food was so good there, and also it was fascinating to see them process the entire pig while we were at the restaurant (the guy behind the counter was doing the work).

SFでどこに行きたいって、Chez Paniseってシェリルに伝えておいたら、なんとなんと、数週間前に火事になって閉店しているというではありませんか。




Cheryl’s cats, Mackenzie and Ziggy.  I tried to photograph her daughter’s dog, Tokai, but he’s so black that it was impossible to capture him in a photo… :)