Earlier this year, I realized myself giving up on the idea that I will soon meet someone and get married, or the idea that this life I have is just a temporary.  I think a lot of women in this world are living that way, and that may be the source of women’s underperformance at the workplaces (I am not talking about “everyone”, but on average, you see).


This is a perhaps very liberating thing, resigning to the fact that I need to live on my own for at least a while.  I recommend it to everyone, truly.


I have been told many times by many people that “don’t get a dog, or you loose motivation to get married”, “don’t get any plants, or you won’t be able to travel or move”, and “don’t spend too much on furniture, you don’t know how long you will live there”.


The resignation, now that I look back, has probably started when I bought a 2 x 1.2 m painting in my new apartment.  I have another huge picture on my wall already, and you cannot find many rental places in Tokyo where you have 2 huge blank walls. This made it difficult for me to move too freely.


Last month, I made a big investment on a dining table.  It only costed as much as a moderate spec Mac computer, so it is not a huge investment, if you think that way.  But it was big for me, considering I had been avoiding to buy anything that I cannot throw away.  This table will travel with me through my life, and quite possibly to continue his journey much longer afterwards.


Last week, I bought a plant.  I can’t remember what came over me, but I did.  Perhaps you cannot imagine me having a green thumb.  But I studied Landscape Architecture, if I may remind you.  I used to take care of my mom’s kitchen garden part time.


Anyway, after getting a pot of hydrangea, I decided it was about time I grow plants. So there will be more.

I think I am really going to move out of Tokyo and get a dog as well. Someday soon.