Okay, I am taking a short break from amirisu work right now.  We’ve both finished writing all the articles, collected all materials from our collaborators, so what’s left are layouting and translating works.  I don’t particularly love translation work, that’s why I did not become a full time translator, but I love writing in two languages.

Interestingly, for me, Tokuko’s writing is very easy to translate.  I have a theory that her writing style in Japanese is quite similar to mine.  We both grew up reading curiously-similar/same books, so maybe that’s why.

I see on Facebook my friends are enjoying summer to the fullest all around the world.  My weekends in July are fully, completely, 100% blocked for amirisu and a few other things I need to do.  Then, my day job demands some attention during the weekends.  I am breathing through what air remains in a glass-full of stress (imagine a ship sinking underwater with little air left –  the water level is my stress level right now).  I keep telling friends “let’s have dinner together in August!” Right now, I cannot care how many days we have in August, and to how many friends I have told that.

For amirisu, because I have a day job, all the works are planned well in advance in order.  (Tokuko might argue that the plan is only in my head and she does not have a faintest idea if I actually have a plan.)  When we make a mistake, we do our best to make sure that the same situation would never arise.  We try to automate as much repetitive work as possible.  That’s how a startup works, and actually, that’s basic Business 101.

But unfortunately, I realized, consulting work in general is quite the opposite.  I began to realize that I am more of a business manager, than a consultant.  I am passionate about building a business, prefer it if it were my own.

Anyway, time to go back to work.  More soon, or in the near future.  (The T-shirt has just arrived from Kyoto, specially dyed with a traditional persimon dye.)