I am at page 633 of the 771 page book – the Goldfinch. Things get weirder and weirder, more disturbing as I turn a page. Yet it is hard to put down the book. I love all the details about Dutch paintings, antiques and old books.


Just a quick note that, believe it or not, I will be featured in a 2 minutes TV program coming Wednesday.  It happened totally out of the blue, merely because a friend of mine is a screenwriter.  I thought of not telling anyone but hey, this kind of thing happens only once in my lifetime, so why not?

The mini program will only be aired in the metropolitan area in East Japan.  Wednesday evening, Fuji Television Channel, from 23:09~23:15 (2 minutes out of this time frame).  It features various women who have a passion in something (in my case, obviously, hand knitting and magazine making).


You really don’t have to watch it. Please.  I just had to tell you, just in case. :)










1/8 (水) 23:09 ~ 23:15 (この間の2分間くらいだそうです)