I am back home! Yay!


Although my apartment looks like a warehouse with boxes and boxes of stuffs for the upcoming retreat, it’s so great to be home.
It’s just, I’ve got so much to do. Lots of emails, translation works, interview questionnaires, logistics, appointments… My schedule is full until early September, and I just realized a few hours ago that, even though I am becoming independent, there is no hope of having enough free time. Well, we gotta do what we gotta do.


I am knitting this cardigan from “amimono” collection these days. It is my 3rd trial, to be honest with you. The first two times, because the pattern has lots of errors, I could not figure out the right setup row and made lots of mistakes. While it was hibernating, a few people have posted a correct setup row instruction on Ravelry, which is – oh god almighty – so helpful that it almost made me cry.

I finished the back panel on the flight. Hope to get it done by the end of this month, so that I can start knitting Whispers (from amirisu 4) in June.


Oh, and Tokuko’s new design is in Wool People 7. Check it out! I am super excited that she will give it to me when it gets back.


Anyway, talk to you soon!













そういえば、トクコさんの新作デザインがWool People7に掲載されました。こちら!