Alert: Lots of photos in this post!


Because, you cannot describe Terri’s class without showing what it was like to be in that magical space.

I’ve been hearing many great things about “Tool Time with Terri” class over the years.  My initial thought was “I have no woodworking space”, but after moving into a larger apartment a few years ago and now that I am moving into a tiny tiny house, the idea of customizing my own space started to have a bigger appeal.  So I took the class.  Probably the best class I’ve ever taken at Squam!

Terri’s house, located 20 minutes away from the lake, was super gorgeous.






IMG_0079 IMG_0082


Especially her studio.  Before starting, Terri said that whatever we would come up with as an idea for our woodwork, she probably has what would be needed. So true.  She’s got tons of materials for us to play with.

特にすごいのがガレージを改装して作ったというアトリエ。以前自宅ではく、Squam Art Workshopのロッジがある場所でWSをやったことがあるそうなのですが、そのとき自宅からトラックで2往復して荷物を運んでいったらしい。「使いたいな、と思いつく材料はだいたい全て持っているから言ってね」という言葉の通り、とにかくありとあらゆる物が整然と詰め込まれたすごいアトリエです。

IMG_0083 IMG_0090


So the class.  We’ve learned how to use power tools for woodworking, how to buy them, how to use them, including this scaring looking saw.  I never imagined in my lifetime I would ever touch such a death machine.  It turned out to be everyone’s favorite saw.




So, this is what I’ve made.  It would have nice to make a toolbox, but since I had to fly back with it, I made something that would fit into my suitcase.  I didn’t come up with it all by myself – I picked the wood, but Terri suggested to keep the hole and use the nail with leather.  I picked the leather and decided to cover the hinges that I didn’t quite like (they were too big).  She has such a great taste that she is also good at giving an advice like that.



IMG_0095 DSC_0925 DSC_0928


The other class I took this year was Amy (Herzog)’s perfect-fit sweater class.  This was another great class!  Because I am shorter and stockier than the average Japanese women, and much shorter than the average American women, I’ve had hard time choosing my own sizes when it comes to garment knitting.  I’d blindly picked sizes based on my chest size, which usually turned out to be much too big everywhere else.  Finally, thanks to Amy, the mystery solved!

There are many ways to fit your garments to your sizes, but I highly recommend looking into either her website or book.  It will give you a better understanding of how a standard body size differs yours.


もう1つのクラスは、Amy Herzogさんというアメリカでは有名なデザイナーの「身体にフィットするセーター」のクラス。自分のサイズや体型を把握し、既存のパターンから正しいサイズを選び、自分サイズに修正する方法を学びます。通常殆どのデザイナーが基準として使う標準体型が何であるかが分かっていないと、サイズの修正も出来ないことが発覚。そして、サイズをバストを基準に出来ないケースがあることも発覚。とにかく勉強になるクラスでした。Amyは元々数学の先生だったらしいのですが、数学は極小に抑えた構成なのも助かった。




In the last evening, we had the Squam Art Fair.  For the first time, we booked a table there to display some of our samples, as well as to sell the magazine and some goods.  Although we did not get to join the Ravelry party, we had a great time chatting with everyone who came over to our table, and with our neighbors.  Thank you for stopping by!  Also there were so many cute things were packed in that small hall.




IMG_0148 IMG_0154

This is our cabin mate Helen.  She won a competition at a wool festival in UK with the pink/reddish semi-circular shawl.  It was just beautiful.




So, that was my Squam this year.  There were lots to take in and process.  I am still processing.