Alert! Mediocre photos coming!



I’ve been blogging a lot in Japanese these days, so this is going to be an English-only post for a change.
Today was our day off. I didn’t do any work all day – I wrote a few emails, answered a few questions, but that doesn’t count, does it? I was able to organize my place at long last.


I had to clean up a closet (clean up meaning truly “clean up”, not organize things in there, because it had been so damp for who knows how long), and move my TV set to the other corner of the room. I finally got around to do them. The house started to look more like my place.


photo 3


It’s really tiny.


photo 1 (1)


I guess the entrance is my favorite place in the house. I often sit there, dangling my legs, drinking coffee in the morning, admiring my plants.  The tiles are what I had bought in Assisi almost 20 years ago (before they had the earthquake).  Funny how they finally found their spot.

photo 2 (1)

In the evening, I light up the candles – no, I did that for the first time today (I’ve been meaning to do so, which is why I kept those candle holders there.). It made me feel that things are now in their rightful places, at long last.

I need more plants. I intend to learn some macrame tricks so that I can hang a few pots there.


Another item that I am adding here is a portable speaker (ordering from Amazon).  Morning light, coffee, plants and music – a perfection.

photo 4