Hi there.  it’s been a while since I last written a post in English. Since moving to Kyoto, I hardly have any chance to speak in English, and my mind is switched back to Japanese.

There are millions of multi-lingual people, and I wonder if they feel the same – I feel like I have dual personalities within me, and they function as two wheels of a wagon, rather than two sides of a coin.  Both wheels need to be of the same strength, and be used the same amount, otherwise the wagon could be overturned.   So I start to feel uneasy and restless if I stay put in Kyoto for too long, without having someone I can speak to in English often.



Change of topic.  We had two quite strong typhoons in the last week or so.  Normally, typhoons would bring unusual hot and sunny weather afterwards, but instead, the weather stayed pretty cool and cloudy.  It started to become chilly in the mornings and evenings.  A perfect weather for glasses of hot wine and pot-au-feu.  I usually knit while waiting for something to be boiled or cooked, sipping wine with a nice music in the background.


FullSizeRender (1)

Such perfect weather to start wearing the leather jacket that I bought in Boston last June.  I went to the All Saints store on Newbury Street twice, in order to try on all the models in different colors, at least twice each.  Now I am extremely happy about my decision to make that investment.  Which (the chilly weather and the jacket) reminds me, that I am going on a short vacation to the north this coming weekend.  I don’t have any plan.  All I know is where I will be staying for 3 nights.  I have a feeling that I would be even more restless being surrounded by wildness of nature and dead silence of the evening.  Restless because of the feeling that I have to do something, something that I have not started yet, be somewhere else, with someone I am yet to meet.  Is it just me?  Fall is the season I love, because of these quiet evenings and the restlessness.


Oh, and I’ve watched Outlander TV series over the weekend.  Finally!  Good casting on Jamie.





台風大丈夫でしたか?私は家から出られないのをいいことに、仕事を終えた後はひたすらドラマを見ながら編みもの。気になっていたドラマを7話まで一気見しました。Diana Gabaldonの歴史ロマンス小説Outlanderの実写化です。小説を読んでいた頃からいつか映画になるのではないかという憶測が飛び交っていて、誰がヒーロー役を演じるのか投票が行われるほど。こんなに時間がかかったのは、適役がなかなか見つからなかったからではないかと。よくキャスティングしたなー、と感心しました。なんと、Huluで見られるの。(探してみたら、2007年にブログで支離滅裂なレビューを書いてました。そのころ読んでいたのね。)