Happy New Year!

A Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, who also made our wedding cake topper. I cried out with joy when I opened a box to find this – so precious!


I used to spend certain amount of time every beginning of a new year to think about my goals and hopes for the future.  But this year, all I did was to list up the urgent things I need to do right after getting back to work.  I have very little time to meditate and elaborate about things these days.  But it is alright.  Perhaps I had done enough “thinking” already.  My real goal for this year is to just get through till the end of the year.  Honestly.

I am in my last trimester in pregnancy.  I always wanted a baby or two, but in these last few years things have changed so much that I hadn’t really thought much about it.  It was lucky and a happy surprise that I was able to become pregnant as old as I am.  In the last month or so, I finally became familiar with the idea of welcoming a new family member, and to be responsible for someone other than myself.  People tell me not to think too much about it, no pressure, and that everything will work out just fine, but it IS a great responsibility to grow our child to be a responsible, thoughtful, and fully independent human being. I hope he will become wise and very happy, if possible.

But, one step at a time.  I really have no idea if I can do my part while fulfilling everything that we have been planning this year. There are a lot going on, aside from running two shops and a business in Portland, while publishing three issues this year.  I really wish I will be smiling next Christmas, not screaming from stress or something.


Wish all of you a wonderful, sparkling, and inspiring year ahead!

The current project of mine – I meant to knit a cardigan for my niece when she was still several months old, but as you can imagine, I failed. It’s orange but cashmere, and I might as well make this cardigan for our baby. I am also trying out new Lykke needle set.

I am not a mini-notebook person, but couldn’t resist buying a pack of new Field Notes with the moon covers. The gorgeous black / white leather pouch is a gift from Karen. Thank you so much! I LOVE it.