I am fully aware that many people will be shocked or even become angry if I say this. But let me spell my question out. So that we can discuss.

Globally, we have a serious population and resource inequality issue. The population is exploding in the poorest area. My question is, is it any good for us (Western countries and Japan) to try to save those lives and feed them?
Please don’t get mad just yet. I have been thinking about this question for more than 15 years, while occasionally donating to those organizations who help those poor people. I often think about adopting a refugee child myself.

I know, when there are dying people in front of you, you desperately want to help them. When there are starving children, you want to feed them.
But on the other hand, no one helped us when any of the advanced countries had famines and plagues. We suffered loss of population and managed to recover ourselves. Usually, we somehow managed the size of population we can support ourselves.  When the living condition of poor workers became too life-threatening in the post-industrial revolution era in UK, it was the capitalists who realized this problem before it was too late.

So, those doctors and scholars and others who help those poor people in Africa, do they think about this fact that the population is ever more increasing where we have the least amount of food? Are they like, “please, god please, someone find a solution while we keep these poor and sick people alive…!” ?

Unlike trying to help the people in Haiti (my company deducted a fair amount from my salary with my consent), I still have a big trouble convincing myself to donate my hard-earned money to those organizations.  I don’t feel like I am helping the world to get better.

I am looking for someone or something to convince me…