Japanese text below.(日本語は下にスクロールしてください)

As I understand it, the heart and soul of Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, at least) medicine is to warm your body, and occasionally cool it down when it takes too much heat.  But basically, warmer the better.  Breathing, heabs, acupuncture, or others, all come down to warm up and increase blood circulation.  This is the intrinsic difference between Eastern and Western medicine (I think).

This morning, I was not feeling too well (I have Ulcerative Colitis, as I have written in Japanese the other day, yes), so I took my time and was vacantly watching a news program.  They were talking about various methods of warming up your body in the cold winter.  Food, bath, and others.  I forgot most of them, but one idea, seems truly innovative for me, was to wear 4 pairs of socks on top of the others.  OK, two is understandable.  But all four at the same time (without having 8 legs, of course) is unimaginable.  As it turned out, there are very thin socks exist just for this purpose.

The key is to warm your foot at all times.  We have this expression in Japanese (or chinese?) “to keep your foot warm and keep your head cool”  is the best for your health.  Even in summer, these people wear 3 or 4 layers of socks.  The other key is to wear silk socks as the first layer, and it helps your body to detoxicate.

So, 4 layers.  Thin silk socks, thin wool or cotton socks, thin silk socks, then warm wool socks.  There are many shops that sell these sets.  And, as you can imagine, you won’t be able to wear regular heels with wearing 4 layers of socks, let alone sandals.  Well, I am not a big fan of sandals, anyway.

I don’t know if this really works, but it is worth giving a try.  Anything that might help making me better is worth trying.  I will let you know if I find out anything!