I don’t know what came over me, but I casted on 4 new projects in one day.  I don’t know anyone has ever done that.

For one thing, I finished two sweater projects.  For another, I grew so impatient about my ability (or lack of it) to consume the stash of yarns in my apartment.  I needed some drastic measure.

Here are what I started and finished this past weekend.


Pattern: Improvised based on Kolenya

Yarn: My handspun with Pigeonproof Fiber BFL, Bulky (110 yards for 100g)

Needles: 4.0mm circular needles

I casted on 30 stitches and knitted straight (12 rows of k1p1 rib, then knit 7 rows) until I increased for thumb (5 stitches in total in 6 rows).  I set aside these 5 stitches plus 4 stitches, CO3 stitches to fill the gap, then knitted on.  Decreased down to 24 stitches before the ribbing.  Pretty simple, right?  The yarn is bulky.

It only took me a few hours to knit the pair.  It’s warm, and looks tweedy.  I love them!

Orchids & Fairy Lights

I have been eyeing this design for a while, and I wanted to use my favorite stash yarn as well.  Please click and take a look at the photo on the designer’s blog.  Stephanie is such a talented designer, and she seems to be a musician as well.

This is the yarn I am using.  So beautiful!  It’s perfect because I only have one skein.

Madelinetosh Tosh Worsted in Norway Spruce

Image courtesy of Backwards Loop (online yarn shop). I did not buy this one from this shop, but I bought a lot of other type from this shop, so please forgive me.

Forest and Frill

Unfortunately I could not find the blog post of this pattern.  This is by the same designer, Stephanie.  I wanted to knit this forever, but the yarn was deep in my stash and I was just very lazy to dig and get it out.  This is the photo, by Stephanie.  Hope it is OK to post here. I will create full link back to her blog and Ravelry page.

Forest & Frill cardigan photo by Stephanie, tiny owl knits

I am so looking forward to finish this… if I don’t succeed, I am sure I will give it another try with other yarn!

Tiny owl knits and her other blog are truly worth visiting.  I love all her photos and her stuffs!  Everything is so lovely and makes me sigh.


This is my third new project.  Citron shawl is a free pattern available at Knitty. If you have not heard of Knitty, it’s a free web-based quarterly magazine, features free new designs and articles about knitting and yarn.  There are so many great patterns, all for free!

I happened to have just one hank of the exact lace yarn the pattern suggests.  I don’t know why I chose this color, but I have it anyway, and it’s actually pretty in person.  I don’t know how long it will take, but well, you will never finish anything without starting it.  So.

Image from, again, Backwards Loop. Malabrigo Lace

Shifting Sand Scarf

I just wanted to knit something with this pretty yarn.  I had other pattern in mind when I bought it, but so many people are knitting the pattern with the exact same yarn and color, so I wanted to do differently.  I am still not sure I this was the right choice of pattern.  Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica in Wildflowers.   The pattern can be found here.

Today I was giving a knitting lesson to one of my colleagues ^-^ over lunch, and realized that knitting is a superb way of expanding our three-dimensional perception.  You knit circles, squares, pull here and sew there, and create completely different 3D shapes in various creative ways.  Knitting gives you more freedom than sewing in this perspective.