Unintentionally, I happened to rent three(!) Scarlet Johanson films this week.  All were pretty good, as it turned out.

The Nanny Diaries

The Japanese title of this film is like ” Why I got so mad at the teddy bear” which is to the point, but kind of ridiculous as a movie title.  So I had very little expectation.  But I enjoyed it!  The plot was good, Laura Linny was brilliant, and Alicia Keys was very beautiful.  But what I liked about this film the most was the costume!  All the clothes were pretty and inspiring.  I tried to learn more about the costume designers, but it seems that they did not use anything special, they just picked up cute things from French Connection and other fast fashion brands, designers brands, and some second hand shops.

日本語では「わたしがクマにキレた理由」などといいう変なタイトルがついていたため、Nanny Diariesが原作の映画だと見始めるまで気がつきませんでした。とはいえ原作も読もうと思ったことはなかったのですが、これが意外と面白かった。話はもちろん、ローラ・リニー(すごく色々な映画に出ている演技派の俳優です)が良かったし、アリシア・キーズが美しかった!でもなにより、衣装がすごく可愛くて参考になりました。ネットでコスチュームデザイナーを調べてみたけど特別なものは使っていなくて、普通にファストファッションやデザイナーズブランド、古着屋さんなどで集めて来たものらしいです。


Vicky, Christina, Barcelona

I heard so many good things about this film, so I wanted to watch it for a long time.  I love it!

There are these two American tourists to Barcelona, who fall into strange relationships with an local artist and his crazy beautiful wife.  Well, the story itself was intriguing and interesting enough, but I loved it because the film is just beautiful.  All scenes are colorful and airy and nostalgic.  I’ve been to the city twice, and I just love the atmosphere.  I love the look and feel of the film, more than the story itself.


He’s Not That Into You

I did not care to know who were in the film, and I did not mean to watch this one, it’s just a few of my friends mentioned it, so I was intrigued.  This film is about many styles of love stories between 4, 5 or more couples who directly and indirectly know one another.  All relationships are imperfect, and the characters struggles some to try to get out, some to try to get deeper into it.  In the end, not all relationships took happy courses, but some were really nice and touching.  Good film, overall.