I realized today was the Halloween after I put a pumpkin pie in the oven.  And I also realized that I forgot to put a cup of heavy cream in the filling…  Ta da! A pumpkin pie from the scratch. 


I think my memories of high school years and my knowledge and experience in baking were stored in the same area in my brain.  Meeting a roomful of high school classmates brought me back “baking” too.
Today I bought a bouquet of flowers in the neighborhood (my favorite florist!) to celebrate the end of October.  I won’t have to blog every day from tomorrow.  And I stayed very healthy.
Looking back, I got hospitalized twice in October, got sick in October and was hospitalized in December once.  It seems that I always become over-the-top excited in October and November that I tend to sacrifice my body.

When the air is cold, night sky high, and when telepathy can fly far and beyond, there are so many things to distract me and excite me, that I can hardly sleep at night.  It’s probably from the nature of animals, that we get high before the hibernation.