I woke up in a very bright room this morning.  The bright sun was cheerful from early in the morning.  Since today was a “movie in the morning” Saturday, I got up right away.  Feeling the energy in the air, I started photographing everything.
Remember I bought a bouquet last week?  The orange rose started to fade, so I added a few new flowers to the vase.  Dahlia, and a few others which name I don’t know.  Deep reds felt right for me yesterday at the florist.
Because, I am knitting this.

Had a quick breakfast with milk tea and a toast.  On top of it is the apple jam I made a few weeks ago.  Taste magical without even a sprinkle of sugar.

This is the blue pullover I spent more than a year to knit.  Only because I get so distracted all the time.

My friend and I went to watch Eclipse.  It was a little embarrassing and so, it made things all the more exciting.  How often do we get to feel embarrassed these days?  I don’t, at all.  So we fully enjoyed it.  And I love Jacob.

En route to my favorite cafe, there is a tiny, sweet, fascinating hatter.  I think someone bought a couple of hats earlier today, because the window looked a bit empty.


I go to this cafe quite often these days.  Because… see the lamps?

My treasure hunt this morning.

I have a bunch of “keeper” issues of magazines in my cabinet.  They are for example, an American Vogue in which Kate Branchet dressed up in variety of gorgeous couture dresses.  Or, Elle Decor magazine featuring Le Corbusier designed houses, the actual houses in which people live.  Or, UK edition of Vogue Living with rooms in such beautiful green colors that I want to stare at for hours.

Below, an out-of-print Japanese fashion magazine is one of them.  This is from 3 years ago, but it’s still my favorite.

いま溜めてある雑誌はたとえば、ケイトブランシェットがゴージャスなドレスを着た特集が載っている米国版Vogue、ル・コルビュジエの住宅が載っているエル・デコ、ロンドンで買ったUK版のVogue Livingなど。

I was looking for this issue to get some inspiration for my next knitting project.  Then I found below.  My favorite Japanese actor, full color in 4 pages.  It’s funny that I didn’t have a slightest interest in this article nor in him 3 years ago when I first saw this article.  Nor the 2nd, 3rd….. times.  But I like him now :)

In the article, for the cliche question “what type of girls do you like?”, he answered that he is attracted to someone’s words, then her voice, then her face.  Perhaps he is just saying, guys are not made that way, but for me, it’s true.  Beautiful male voice (and I don’t care about female voice).
今の一番のお気に入りは、KCRWでMorning Becomes Eclecticという番組を担当しているJason BentleyというDJです。

I must confess, my heart beat often speeds up when someone catches cold and his voice gets lower and huskier.  I know, it’s so lame.

(This particular actor, he doesn’t have that great voice.  But he is not a real person for me, so that’s ok.)