I am going to be quick today.  Didn’t do much except for experimenting with my blog design, cooking, and baking.  My original intention was to make a berry tart, but a basket of pears was on sale yesterday, so I decided to go for some pears.
It turned out that those pears were just one step from going bad.  They were way too soft and I had to cut out a lot of parts.
Sorry for the bad pictures.  When I finished, it was after 7PM.

Today, I want to quickly explain a very easy way to make tart crusts.  It only takes a few minutes, believe me.
First, measure flour with your food processor on top of a measure.

 Then, mix flour, sugar and salt in a food processor.

 Thirdly, chop up butter into small dices.  Put them on top of the floor, and bring it into a fridge or a freezer.  Chill for 20 minutes or so (while you do other things such as, in my case, knitting).

 You take the bowl out of your freezer, then add an egg york, mix.  You don’t need an egg york, instead, you can just add small amount of chilled water.

This time, I used an egg, plus 2 large spoons of water.  Mix more.
That’s it!

Take the dough out on a chopping board, spread it into a circle.
After putting it onto a tart dish, put it back to a freezer for 30 min.
Finally, bake it for 25 min in pre-heated 180 C oven. (about 370 F?)

Find more detailed explanation here (Link to Smitten Kitchen).

I sort of followed Smitten Kitchen recipe for the filling (90%).  For the crust and fruits, I did more or less my own thing.