It’s been 10 years since I came back to Japan.  A friend, who I had no contact with these past 10 years, has found me on twitter, and we went out for dinner today.

It was sooo freezing cold today, but we ate on a terrace and it was fun.  I was proud of myself for being healthy enough to be OK in the cold weather.  Besides, the Christmas lighting was magical.

He used to take care of us, a bunch of exchange students in Davis.  He was a student himself, but always selfless and so kind to everyone.  Somehow, I always succeed in forgetting all these, about how people treat me so well.  I shouldn’t be like this.  I should be the person who I aspire to be.

This shot of the dinner table looks so cheesy, but just I’m showing you because it’s such a perfect dinner table… flowers, wine, great food, and a fun catching-up.