This may be nothing compared to the New Hampshire foliage, but that does not mean we cannot celebrate the baby-sized color shower of the season.
I picked this beautiful red leaf on my way back from lunch.

I was excited to know that iTunes just started the movie rental and sales.  Then was instantly disappointed that I’ve already watched 95% of the worthy titles that are available right now.

As I have written earlier (in Japanese), I am planning a trip to Hokkaido (the northern-most island of Japan), to the remote eastern part of it.  My friends started to give me good advices and tips since I wrote about it, never to realize that I am going there in late December.
Now, with much research, I am confident to say that nobody is trying to go there in December.  There are other parts of the island that are famous for winter ski resorts. But this place I am interested in, there are just frozen lakes and farms.  No package tour would go there.  Air fare is the cheapest.
I kind of love the idea of going into the world of ice and snow and flatness.  None of those exists in Tokyo, where I have spent most of my life.  Especially, I am curious how I would feel about the flatness.
The only regret is that there is this very cool hotel in that area, which costs crazy $500 per night per room (the price is like for a single room in one of the most expensive hotel in Tokyo).  I wish I had at least 3 people to go with me then we can split the cost.