The best way to experience music is to be there on stage with the orchestra. Your whole body resonates with  drums and cellos and trumpets. To experience this, being a conductor beats anything else. I imagine, once you experience it, being on a stage, it’s irrevocably addictive and you would do anything in the world to do it again.

Today was the last day of a series of Beethoven Symphony concerts (link to the project site – in Japanese). The event was to play from the 1st to the 9th in four installment, spanning for 2 weeks. It was a magical experience, almost like a journey with the orchestra.

When the chorus hit the highest note, my eyes burned and my heart pounded. My very first “live” 9th. I am incredibly lucky that the first time listening to it live was this occasion. Amazing, amazing.

My seat for 4 evenings was in front rows 3rd floor balcony, which means I was practically sitting right above the stage. The sound felt so textured that I could almost touch it with my hands and tongue.

I’m no expert nor critic, but his symphonies seemed to progress as more pieces were produced. The 1st and 2nd being a little bit nervous, a lot of reference to his predecessors. By the 3rd, he gained confidence and the quality jumped. From the 4th to the 6th, he had more ideas than he could put together as one symphony. Unique melodies after another. The 7th and 8th, he became an expert, skillful master, that he could almost compose an entire symphony with his eyes closed. And I found these two a bit boring.
The 9th, the last piece, came to a completely different stage. Like the Beatles’ Abby Road. It was like a music fell from the heaven.

My mind still continues to journey with thoughts on Beethoven, it’s hard to return to where I physically am.