G Tokyo art event : http://www.gtokyo-art.com/#/op/

I went to an art exhibition in a neighborhood at Roppongi Hills called G Tokyo.  No idea what “G” stands for, but this is an exhibition of up and coming artists both Japanese and others.  Found a couple of unique talents such as Djordje Ozbolt, who was originally from Yugoslavia. (linked here)
His work look like this, for example:

Photo courtesy of Primeira Avenida: http://primeiraavenida.blogspot.com/2008/11/djordje-ozbolt-at-303-gallery.html

Obviously, he already has a big fan base, for there are blog articles about his work, everywhere.  I wanted to buy his book, but too expensive.  Can’t wait to see more in the near future!

One of the featured artists was Hisashi Tenmyouya.  He uses traditional Japanese paints, a genre pretty common in the Japanese fine arts world.  I was completely fascinated by his subjects, texture of the paints, and the colors on black backgrounds.

Courtesy the artist and Mizuma Art Gallery and G Tokyo website – pls visit here http://www.gtokyo-art.com/mizumaartgallery.html

Last but not least, Kei Imazu had a very small lovely painting exhibited as a part of Bombay Sapphire funded collection.  The one exhibited there cannot be found online, but her work look like this:

Photo from this blog, and courtesy of the artis and Yamamot Gendai gallery. http://maborosi.yasumina.com/

All in all, it was a great fun!

After that, I strolled around the neighborhood and bought some flowers at my favorite florist.  The shop was literally full of gorgeous hyacinths, so naturally, a few bunches accompanied me home.

 A new season is close…

But it’s still cold outside, so we need something for our tummies… like a divine hot chocolate.

On another topic, this guy and I have been bumping into each other quite often.  I have been wanting to ask a permission to take a photo, and today, I found him left alone outside a grocer.
Don’t you think a grey short haired dog is the coolest, most fashionable thing?

He also has this very strange and funny expression… definitely something complex is going on in his head.