On Saturday, I met up with my friend Kishiko from the French language school (which I dropped out a year ago) for late lunch. She took me to a gorgeous florist and cafe in Aoyama area. The “walk back” post from yesterday was about from there to my house.
Spring is right there, and I felt more so, looking at this purely green grass above.

A half of the interior space is the cafe.  It’s spacious, crowded, and the light is gorgeous.

My friend, Kishiko, is a lady extraordinaire. She studies 6 languages including ancient greek and latin.  She encouraged me to go back to the French school, and I decided to take classes with her, one on Marie Antoinette and the other on French philosophy / Foucault.  I have no idea if I can keep up at all…

My April will be extremely busy – French school twice a week, Unraveling eCourse on Photography, probably moving to a new place, learning to do art journaling, and my friend is coming to visit me from overseas.  Oh, I forgot…. and work.
Please wish me luck!