Thank you so so much for your kind and warm supports since the horrible incident happened.  All my family and friends are well so far, but my heart aches for those people who were hurt, killed and who still cannot find their loved ones, and had to evacuate their homes.
The earthquake (even in Tokyo) was stronger than anything we (those of us who are alive today) have ever experienced.  I happened to be taking a day off from work, which means I was closer to home than from my office, so I was able to walk back home when all the trains were shut down.  I was also lucky enough to be at a language school, which means I was not alone.
The ground still trembles every 5 or 10 minutes.
I canceled my schedule for today and am staying at home.  I know that I am not at all in a bad condition, but I just don’t feel like to do anything right now.  All I can do now is to donate some money, but that does not seem a lot… I am devastated.
Thank you again for everyone who emailed me, wrote on my Facebook wall, and called me, from all over the world.  A friend of mine called me late last night, worrying about me feeling depressed, and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people.  We truthfully thank your governments for their support as well.

In the time of great uncertainty and horror, being with someone, even if they are strangers, means so much.  Knowing that there are people who care means so much.  Call your loved ones.  It is really people who give us courage.