Well, let me explain.  I did not mean to buy another bag.  The same, big and colorful kind, the one big enough to house all my books and cameras, although I swear I did not have a yellow bag yet.
No one has a yellow bag like this.  It’s just too cute, besides, the shop only makes less than half a dozen in the same style.

Their only shop that sells women stuffs is in my neighborhood.  The shop attracts me like a magnet, or a flower that attracts bees in the neighborhood.  Everything in the shop is original, peculiar, and crafty.  Like the hook I got (below) together with the bag.

I started reading Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day last night.  Without doubt, it is the most difficult book I’ve ever read.   In Pynchon’s world, one would probably say “strenuous” or “arduous” or “Gargantuan”.  After 12 pages, I am starting to get used to it…
Now that I have a perfect bag to hide the immense book.