Sandy, the author of a book called TotalIy Tangled, and I have met at Squam Art Workshops last September in New Hampshire.  That time, I had no idea what Zentangle was, and I wasn’t much into drawing anyway.
Since I started to draw, I feel like to draw all the time, and sometimes, I just want to draw “something”, just doodle on paper.  Zentangle is perfect for that.  You’ll get something nice to look at, while all you have to do is doodle.

It’s called Zentangle for its meditative effect.  You kind of forget everything else while tangling.  I love the simplicity of black and white, too. 

Above are my very first trial, after finally acquiring Sandy’s book from Amazon.
You can of course draw these without any reference, but the book gives many pattern examples to help you get started.  Without the reference, I have to design every single step, and that would be too much.  I didn’t copy everything, but I used many patterns from the book.  Highly recommended.
(The right hand drawing is my key ring. I bought it a few of month ago, became one of my favorite objects to carry around.)

Totally Tangled

I think I am a documentation freak.  I don’t carry around notebooks (except the sketchbook) nor to-do lists.  This blog is a sort of an “idea central” or arsenal of thoughts for me.  I like to centralize everything so that I can later search.