Last week was my xx-th birthday and was such a wonderful week.  Thank you everyone for your messages, calls, gifts, and above all, your warm wishes.  I feel so blessed!
(above image courtesy of Marie-Claire Idee spring edition (April?))

On the evening of my birthday, my close friend invited me to a piano concert of a small scale, the music was just fantastic, and I totally enjoyed the great company there, except… my teeth started to ache, more so, with some champagne.

I wrote a long paragraph about my horrible toothache experience, but I decided to summarize it in one phrase – it was the worst pain I’d ever had!  It was mainly because I can’t take antibiotic medicine (allergic to it).

I’ve known of my allergy since my childhood, because it caused heart, liver, kidney etc failures when I was 8.  It took me (and my family) a few years to recover to the OK level, and a blessing to live my life nonchalantly was lost forever.
But then, people have some limitations or another, be it financial, ability or family related, etc. So I can’t say I am completely unfortunate.  I have a great family who always supports me.  It’s just I can’t do everything I want to (like volunteering for the disaster relief activities, choose a very challenging job and work like hell, or living in the unsanitary countries to help them rebuild their communities).

If you are healthy and are gifted with talents, please don’t waste them.  There are people who are yearning for that health.

On entering the 2nd half of my life, I decided to be more thankful for what I have, what I can do, and to take a better care of myself.  And spend more time with all of you, my dear friends.