While I was holding my breath not to increase the already unbelievable toothache, my eyes were somewhat blankly following the journey of USS Enterprise.

I watched the 2009 movie 3 times during the weekend, sometimes half asleep.  I couldn’t knit because it hurt to move my arms, let alone read.  I wanted to watch something simple and relaxing, some story that I know very well.
As the pain receded I became curious about the old Star Trek series.  I rented the movie 1 ~ 4 on iTunes and watched them all in one breath.
The old movies were surprisingly well made.  The special effects were obviously very low tech, but not corny.  There were many small episodes that lead to the new film, which was a pleasant finding.

The designs of space crafts, items, how the world functions, must have given great amount of thoughts.  It was the future the 60s to 80s people had imagined and dreamed with such great expectations.  Now the reality is revealing itself from behind the curtains, and we are realizing that we are, and should be, very happy to stay on this planet.

The mere USS Enterprise itself has several hundreds of crews, as many shuttles enough to evacuate them all, not to mention food and fuel to support its journey for many months.  This ship is for public peace-keeping, not for-profit.  Even if, in 1000 years from now, we have the technology to build this kind of ship, it’s very unthinkable that the world would function that way.  Or will there be a true breakthrough, like computers had come about in this world in the last 60 years?

If the dream is no longer a dream for us, at one point, perhaps we should have a funeral for the lost dream…  It’s a little sad.