The previous posts were so gloomy, affected by the toothache.  I am totally recovered now. 
I’ve finally emptied the last box, and my apartment feels more like home – I assembled a wall picture, rearranged books, bought some flowers.
I also finished reading a book, finished a sweater, fixed my macbook (the battery was inflated after 4 years – is that possible?), and did plenty of shopping. 

I really needed to shop.  I was crushed after I had to cancel my vacation plan.  Now that I postponed it to July, I can’t use my flight mileage and it will cost me extra $1000.  If you are an Expat, your company will pay huge amount of money wherever you vacation.  So not fair.

But I feel like I am reaching to a new stage, my micro cosmos is probably getting closer to the universe’s entrance.  I dreamed about a redemption, a festival, blue moments, and a long journey.

Oh, after today’s french lesson, I (as well as my classmates) became most knowledgeable about Baroque interior decorations, especially about the boiseries, the whole history of them. The nerdy details were fascinating.