This book was discovered in my bookshelf when I was packing.  The title is “Learn to see the world and Japan at seventeen”, but it’s really for anyone.  The beginning part is a bit all over the place, though overall it was a great read.  A very realistic and logical deciphering of Islam, Christian, Indian and east Asian religions and Japanese religious beliefs.  It’s not a comprehensive overview, but it connected many different dots for me.  I learned many new words, like “冷えさび”, which describes the way the traditional arts and literature valued the beauty of cold and frozen winter.  Which is exactly what I like.
I always wonder why Christian religion and culture is so bellicose and hostile.  In many instances in the history, if one of the involved party had been Asian, the war would not have begun. ( I know we have attacked our neighbors and did horrible things, while trying to catch up with strong countries by imitating what they were doing, and there is no excuse for that.  But generally, Japanese people are totally domestic, non aggressive group who would rather stay indifferent of what happens outside of the country.)  The book gave me interesting insights, which legitimacy I am not sure, but became some starting point for me.  I love history.