A typhoon is here.  It’s probably coming closer to Tokyo as we speak.  The rain drops are unbelievably heavy.

Rain of this magnitude is rather refreshing.  The noise on your umbrella is like a drum roll, loud and stereo surround you.

I remember my high school graduation ceremony.  The rain was falling hard on the auditorium rooftop and it sounded like clapping and applause of a huge crowd. It was exhilarating.

The painting I purchased arrived this morning.  The artist/friend delivered her work in the pouring rain.  The painting is making me want to swim in a lake.

I want to show you the picture of the painting, but I won’t, for now.  For one thing, the color is impossible to capture, when the painting is all about color.  Also, I want my guests to look at it first in person.  So, you have to come and see it.  It is really special…at least for me.