Since finishing a sweater in 3 weeks, I feel more and more motivated to knit something that I can wear now. Something in cotton, but not like the 4-ply torture (I finished the back panel, but the front is still hibernating), something enjoyable and fun.  Then I remembered that last year the master-knitter Roko-san gifted me her GALA pattern.  This is it!  So I ordered a yarn and pounced on it.
I chose this yellowish / mustardish color, only because no one has ever used it for GALA as far as I know.  But I am glad.  It’s looking pretty. Yey!

On the other hand, I am still knitting this Fall-Away-Cardigan.  It’s more than 60% done, but you see, the last of 3 balls of yarn was much lighter color than the other two.  As I knit further, the motivation declines.  Want to finish this in a week or so.