There is something about those “Y” shaped street corners.  You will understand what I mean if you look at this.

The bright street corner is an italian restaurant.  Once I was walking around the neighborhood after my French school, found this place, and I couldn’t resist looking into the door.  The place was full.
I was so sure this place to be a French restaurant, because this neighborhood is sort of like a French quarter in Tokyo, and also because of this cafe in Paris:

Au Soleil de la Butte (an amazing photo site)

Looks familiar?  This cafe was where Xavier in the film “Spanish Apartment” met his old girlfriend (portrayed by Audrey Tatou), and the only thing I remember about this movie.  According to various online sources, this place also appeared in Meg Ryan’s film some time ago (French Kiss?).  I LOVE this kind of setting.

So I finally got to dine at this restaurant (La Lettera, not Paris) last week, and it was perfect (only, it turned out to be an Italian, not French).  The food and the atmosphere were exquisite.
On that evening, my friend showed me some photos from his recent trip to Istanbul.  One of them was:

See? There is an open air cafe behind the tree in the center.  There is something about this setting that makes things vibrant and cozy. (Photo courtesy of Mr. T)
He treated me with so many breathtaking photos, by the way. I really have to visit this city sometime soon.